The Benefits of a Customs Broker

benefits of a customs broker

The Benefits of a Customs Broker

Trying to navigate the rough seas and complex terrains of Customs laws and regulations can be daunting. If you are in the business of importing and exporting, you have come across many companies offering a hassle-free clearance experience.

There are no laws that require businesses to make use of a licensed Customs broker. The World Customs Organisation defines a customs broker as someone who acts as an intermediary between traders and in the clearance process.

There are several practices in terms of regulatory/licensing requirements, roles and responsibilities, fees and charges, and cooperation mechanisms between Customs and brokers. Trusting a broker to take care of your cross-border business has many benefits and is always worth the investment.

The ever-changing landscape of exporting and importing goods needs constant attention if you want to pull off a successful border clearance. Blackie’s Consultants are highly-specialised and fully licensed brokers and consultants who offer guidance and trade facilitation between yourself and a foreign entity.

Understanding the laws and regulations and how they impact your imports and exports is a complex topic that requires a constant flow of new information as the laws and regulations change.

A broker acts as your mediator and advisor if your company has an international footprint and deals with cross-border business.

Save Time

Make your logistics fleet more agile by reducing the time required to receive clearance to proceed to the border.

Brokers ensure shipment visibility and advanced planning that facilitates a successful clearance. Customs brokers have access to tools allowing them to track your shipments.

Dealing with border clearance issues and arguing with agents will become a thing of the past.

Your brokers take the role of facilitator and are constantly in touch with Customs officials.

Blackies Consultants reduce the time it takes to receive clearance to proceed to the border from an average of 48 hours to 8 hours.

customs broker


Blackie’s Consultants complete border clearance documentation with precision and care. The team reduces the total cost of logistics operations by reducing the red tape associated with crossing borders.

Every country has unique regulations and rules. Any lack of understanding of these rules can result in financial penalties and delays that will ultimately affect your supply chain.


Clearance assistance from a broker ensures the Customs process goes fast and efficiently. A licensed broker focuses on your company’s import process and allows you and your employees to focus on achieving better productivity.

Brokers are experts in international trade. Their primary focus is ensuring your goods cross the border. Brokers work closely with importers and exporters to ensure any documentation and possible licenses are in order before your goods enter or leave any country.

Blackie’s Consultants has assisted many large-scale logistics operators in moving goods between South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Eswatini.

One of the best advantages of using a broker is that you can deal with them directly. No more being transferred from one person to the next as you make your way through the world of Customs.

Your broker facilitates the process on your behalf and can help you avoid overpaying duty or VAT. They also remove the risk of underpaying and later paying fines and additional charges.

Special Offers

The Blakie’s staff are committed to guiding you and constantly assisting customers in the clearance process. In addition to broker expertise Blackies also offers:

Info Seminars

Blackie’s provides information seminars and personal interaction with clients. Our consultations and seminars ensure that you benefit from favourable rules.

VAT Assistance

We coordinate VAT payments on behalf of our clients for a minimal handling fee.

Border Permits

We can advise on border permits as well as importer/exporter codes. Our accuracy in completing cross-border documentation ensures you comply with the latest laws and regulations.

Customer Care

Our friendly and approachable staff assist all clients professionally.

Storage Facilities

Blackie’s Consultants offer storage facilities at the Ladybrand office and Maseru for clients who may need it before crossing the border.

SARS Disputes

Blackie’s has an open-door policy with SARS that allows us to resolve disputes as best as possible.

Special Attendance

The Blackie’s team assist drivers going through the border, collecting the respective documentation and collating it on their behalf.

Read the latest SA Trade Statistics.

Contact Backie’s and get ahead with your customs clearance.

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