About Blackie’s Consultants

Company Overview

Managing director of Blackie’s Consultants, Neels Swart, was part of the team who founded the company in March 2008. Since then the team has established the company as one of the biggest and fastest-growing clearing agencies in South Africa.

The company has an impressive portfolio of over 120 contracted clients including SASKO, Tiger Brands, LHDA, LMDC (Liqhobong Mine), Lesotho Solar Project, Lefase, Mkhulu, ESOR Construction – LHDA and UL4 (Letseng Diamond Mine).

What started as a small head office in Ladybrand has now evolved into 9 additional branches located across the countries we service. Our staff team has also grown tremendously as more clients have entrusted us with their growing businesses across borders.

We are currently the main service provider at the Lesotho border and we are very successful with our offices in Maseru, Maputsoe, Caledonspoort and Van Rooyens Gate. We have a strong relationship with SARS Customs and all the relevant revenue authorities of the nominated countries and share the vision to facilitate trade between countries as hassle free as possible and to ensure compliance from all relevant parties and should a dispute arise, SARS Customs has a standing open door policy towards us as Blackie’s Consultants.

Blackie’s Consultants Mission

We, here at Blackie’s Consultants strive to keep your business performing across borders by making sure that you, the client, comply with the most updated and current laws and regulations as stipulated and expected from SARS Customs and the other nominated country as per the agreement.

We will keep you up-to-date on changes in laws and regulations in good time. We, as clearing agents, are kept informed on these changes for all BLNE countries. We ensure that trades between you and your client, across borders, continue in the most professional and efficient way.

As we grow hand-in-hand with you, in this continuous trade facilitation between borders, we will support you as best we can by improving and implementing newer systems, secure communications and speedier results. 

Blackie’s Consultants BEE Verification Certificate

Blackie’s Consultants BEE Affidavit

Blackie’s Consultants VAT number: 454 025 8656

Company registration number: 2017/522340/07