Five Good Qualities of a Customs Clearance Agent

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Five Good Qualities of a Customs Clearance Agent

The purpose of Customs Clearance agents is to assist companies that operate cross-border supply chains by being the primary liaison between the consignor and relevant customs government authorities.

A customs agent in South Africa will take on the responsibility of arranging and submitting the required paperwork, ensuring consignments adhere to all legal requirements, and checking packing lists and commercial invoices to ensure taxes and duties have been correctly calculated and paid.

A good customs clearance agent will facilitate all these functions in a timely, cost-effective, and accurate manner that speaks of their reputation and professionalism.

A good custom clearance brokerage will:

  1. Partner with you as a trusted extension of your supply chain that you can always rely on to provide accurate information about customs laws and regulations.
  2. Add value by providing expert knowledge and experience about customs processes
  3. Save you money by reducing some logistics operations costs.
  4. Make your logistics fleet more agile by reducing the time you spend waiting for border clearance. 
  5. will take the time to understand your requirements.

Trusted Partnership

The foundation of any solid business relationship is trust. When the clearance agency values the relationship, it focuses on achieving the client’s objectives, sticking to deadlines, and taking responsibility for fulfilling their duties with service excellence.

Expert Knowledge And Experience

A customs clearance agent understands the legislation and regulations related to the customs clearance process inside and out. This gives any business owner an advantage and confidence in service delivery from their customs agent.

By applying sound knowledge and experience, a customs agent can provide expert guidance and consultation for customs laws and regulations. You can cross borders with cargo with accuracy and efficiency. A good agent will update you on changes in laws and regulations promptly. Clearing agents are kept informed of these changes for all BLNE countries.

Saving Costs

A customs agent has access to the right people and departments at South African Revenue Service (SARS), Botswana Unified Revenue Service (BURS, Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA), Eswatini Revenue Services (ERS) and the Namibia Revenue Agency (NAMRA). This access to knowledge can lower some costs of logistics operations by navigating the red border tape.

Saving Time

You can minimise the time it takes to acquire authorisation to cross the border with a professional agent. A clearance agent can carefully complete the border clearance paperwork to avoid expensive delays.

In-Depth Understanding Of A Client’s Needs And Expectations

A customs agent understands that every client’s requirements and expectations differ. Therefore an agent will invest time and effort to understand how to make the cross-border process effortless.

Blackie’s ensures that you adhere to the most recent and current laws and regulations as required and expected by SARS Customs and the other designated BLNE countries.

Blackie’s Consultants are committed to checking all the boxes when faced with cross-border challenges. Speak to an expert for peace of mind.

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